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To burn baby burn baby...Oh oh oh

Summer is a time for laughter, great tropical drinks and receiving a long, overdue dose of Vitamin "D" from the sun. For some of us we have a tendency to overdose on the last one which sometimes is a result of having one to many of the second one. We just completely forget that to much of a good thing is not always good (hangovers will be covered in another episode). 

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This one's going to be a nail biter!

Can you guess what this week's self-help is for? Did I make it that obvious?

Well the spotlight is on ANXIETY.

So many of you that I have spoken with recently have told me that you experience anxiety regularly. I am so grateful for my ability to share Jin Shin Jyutsu because it has allowed me to connect to you and others in ways I would have never expected. My awareness has grown immensely with regards to theDIS-eases and DIS-orders that can affect people daily. 

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