Learning to Surrender


February for me, was a month that many opportunities felt so sure in my life. The emotional highs and lows were VERY real as they ebbed and flowed with each new input.

Overall, I am not one who feels they need to thrive off  extremes. I do my best to maintain a nice baseline of consistency but sometimes life calls for a proper shake up to get you out of your own way. Suffering is a natural part of life without a healthy dose of it, we would not get fed up with being uncomfortable with our current situation. At a certain point something has to give  to make way for the great changes to come. 

March has been a month of learning to trust the process, putting action behind words and thoughts while surrendering the need to control every aspect so not to get stuck. This is not always an easy combination to pull off but when you can, man it's a winning combination. 

Click on the video below to hear more and receive your self-care flow at the end!


Cobi KonaduComment