Manifesting Your Future


The month of February is here with Cupid’s arrow ready and posed (if you like to get wrapped up in that type of thing) and that first month hurdle of January is over. The ending of January really solidifies that we are officially in 2018, everyone is back to work, some may still be going strong on their new year’s resolutions while others have fallen back to their old daily routines. Where ever you are at time never stops forging ahead, so away we gooooo!

It was not my plan to write about this for the month of February yet I feel that it is good for setting the stage and tone for possibly the next month, season or year. When you see notifications of the same idea popping up, well you better take notice. There’s a common theme I have been sensing lately from the people around me, and that is Facing Your Fears!! Which I think is just awesome :)

You are never too old to try something you have always wanted to do. 

A quote on my mom’s desk I found said this: “Whatever scares you, do it. NOW. Escaping your comfort zone can make you happier, smarter, more confident, more grateful, and more satisfied with life - while strengthening ties to the people you love.”

For any of us who have taken that leap of faith and faced a fear(s) knows how true all those statements are above. And for those of you who haven’t fully embraced a fear plunge I hope you jump and go for it because IT IS AWESOME! 

My craniosacral teacher told me that on the other side of restriction is release. Fear is that restriction and likes to keep us believing that whatever we think is on the other side of that is true and 9 times out of 10 it is not. 

Some successful ways I have found to face a fear are:

  1. Create a plan of action. You have to act things into action, not just think them. So figure out at least 3 tangible ways you can set yourself up for success to achieve your desired outcome.
  2. Just go for it. Our thoughts are very powerful tools in manifestion, I have found that if I have thought about something long enough it gets ingrained in my subconscious and signs start blooming like wild flowers everywhere letting me know I would be supported if I took that leap of faith. Sometimes the signs come in so strong and fast that it all you can do is say YES!
  3. Have a mentor in the area you aspire to go, someone you trust and sees walks their talk. They can be very helpful in talking through planing, strategies, etc. 

So how can you utilize Jin Shin to help you get clear on your vision and put manifestation into motion?

Well simple (relatively). 

You can do this hold below demonstrated by the lovely Zoriada. 



Your cranium is the control center for everything that goes on in your body, there is mega benefit to be had by making sure your control center is firing its signals properly. 

This area of your head helps clear mental fatigue and confusion, while connecting you to your intuitive nature. Pretty powerful right?!

How to:

  1. Place your Right hand gently on your forehead and your Left had at the base of of your head.
  2. Find an nice even rhythm of breath.
  3. Hold for 5-10 minutes or till you feel a sense of relief.
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