Leaving on A jet plane


No time better than the present!
There are so many exciting shifts taking place in the world of Cobi.

Which leads me too...
I am leaving New York for the sun kissed beaches of Costa Rica!!!!

Can you believe it?! 
In a way, me either.

Awaiting me there is massage school, starting in August.

 To further my studies and expand my offerings, massage school seemed to be the next logical step. To be a licensed professional is very important to me. 

My pen has been hitting the paper of my journal furiously trying to keep up with the thoughts pouring out of my head. This was not an easy decision to make.

New York has been my home for the past 5 years with a love that roots deeper with each passing of 365 days. This city pushed me to grow in ways that wouldn't be possible any where else. It asked me to get clear on who I was and how I wanted to be heard in this world. 

Every time I thought of leaving before, this city sweetened the pot at just the right moment to make me stay.

Can you image all the sweetener it added when this decision presented itself?

Oy vey! Serious torture.

An interesting thought popped into my head yesterday. What are all the ways in which we can categorize ourselves that inevitably weave the fabric of our identity. So much of my identity has become associated with this city, the lifestyle, the people and my home. Where do you go after living in a city like this? 

As I make yet another life transition there a nervous undercurrent that affects my rooting.

Questions keep arising like - Who is Cobi if she is not living in New York? How is her identity defined? Where is her place in this world?

The thing about big transitions is that they make you show up. As amazing as this city is, it is very easy to start floating through after a while not even realizing that you've given the reins over to the city.

There is so much noise and commotion every step of the way that hearing yourself clearly seems almost impossible. That sense of busyness has the ability to get confused with productiveness and efficiency. 

Now I am working on being conscious in my decisions by not letting them feel like a permanent arrangement. There is a whole world outside of New York which is asking me to explore it. A change of scenery never hurt anyone.

Change is good and necessary for us to understand what still holds true in our life. If we never deviate, it's hard to know if the path we are on still makes sense. 

For all of you who are experiencing big life changes, embrace it. Understand that it was created for you to learn from, reflect on and expand your awareness. We miss the mark if we fail to see that.

Your self-help for this week helps us exhale and let go. Perfect for releasing the people, places, things and thoughts that keep you tethered.


  1. Find a comfortable place to sit, stand or lay down
  2.  Bring the palms together and interlace the fingers.
  3. Allow the middle fingers to extend up, while all the other fingers remain interlaced.
  4. Hold here, while taking 10 - 20 conscious, even breaths or until you feel a sense of peace.

For those of you in NYC, I will be organizing a going away party
- so stay tuned!

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