Let the Sweat Drop


Good-bye Spring, Hello Summer.

Is anyone else's body trying to navigate this season change? 

I'm still trying to keep my cool and look fly as the heat induces the sweat. I just tell myself it's my inner glow finally shinning through ;)

Just when I feel I am hitting peak stride again with my work, the sun comes out. That all natural vitamin D is very enticing - so much so that it makes it difficult to get my work done - oh and throw a big move in there, fuhgettaboutit!

Yesterday, as I lay on my floor meditating - I felt an anxious energy arise in my body as I began to think about all the tasks that lay ahead this month. It's amazing what the thoughts of the mind will do to the body. My ability to sit still began to diminish as the question of, "what am I doing with my life" crept in.

Then, a switch flipped. My mind stopped asking that question and asked another. This one shifted the perspective of the age old, "What am I doing with my life?".

Instead I asked, "What do I want to be doing more of?"

Some how life didn't feel as heavy.

It took me out of victim mode - where things are happening to me and put the control back in my hands. It allowed me the space to hear myself from a non-fearful place.

So what do I want to be doing more of?

1. Work with kids.
They are true inspiration, showing me over and over again just how powerful Jin Shin Jyutsu is when put in their little hands. I want to see the awareness and implementation of this practice grow through hands on teaching and interactive media.

2. Travel
I mean, why not? Traveling is one of the best teachers with life as its classroom. I'm gearing up for my next worldly lesson.

Thinking about the self-help I want to share this week, I looked to the upcoming workshop I am teaching this Saturday. We are learning about SEL #8 which is located on the lateral side of the knee.
It represents rhythm, strength and peace.

Holding this area not only helps regulate body temperate, it keeps our life moving forward in a smooth, rhythmic fashion.

To cool yourself, hold the outer (lateral) side of the of the LEFT KNEE with your LEFT HAND. Or simply cross your left leg over your right. 

You'll activate your internal AC unit in no time.

Alright, stay cool my friends! 

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