Decisions make the world go 'round

This week a shift took place in my vibrations. 

I feel as though I am starting to get my groove back.
Just like the lady in this video. 

I have been doing the self-help I shared with all of you last week and wouldn't you know, between that and a little time in nature/with family, a sense of peace has come over me.

Someone once told me, that the Universe cannot deliver until you make a decision. It will send opportunities your way, however if you are feeling indecisive then the messages and opportunities it sends will seem indecisive too. 

It's like receiving mail at the wrong address. The letters and packages are being delivered but the intended receiver isn't receiving them.

Trouble arises when we think we know what's best for ourselves. This only holds true if we choose to listen with an open heart and fully trust our intuition to guide us. If we listen with our ego, we will still be on the journey yet something will never feel quite right. 

A week ago if you had opened my head to look inside, I'm pretty sure a gasp would've escaped at the sight of a crazy, swirling tornado I like to call Thought Chaos

I tamed that tornado of Thought Chaos by finally making a decision. After countless hours of discussion with myself and a lucky few who would listen, my priorities became clear. By getting those in alignment all other aspects of life could find their place.

Can you hear my sigh of relief?! 

Sure there are still some uncertainties but now the never ending stream of them feels manageable. Life is beginning to feel grounded again, not cement solid more like saturated dirt. It will still hold yet there is something unsure of it's weight bearing capabilities. 

I'll take it though. That single shift has allowed me to relax just long enough, for the universe to successfully deliver a few new opportunities.

I'm starting to believe that much of our unrest and unhappiness comes from feeling like every decision we make will have lasting effects. Until we decide to stop telling ourselves that same story (insert your own story here), we will just keep standing in our own way.

So what I'd like to offer you this week, is the connection to your breath. Most people are not in tune with this very important component - unaware of the integral role is plays in maintaining life's harmony. By consciously connecting to your breath, your Jin Shin practice will become more effective. One practitioner wouldn't see clients until they had completed 36 conscious breaths. 

It is the biggest mover of energy within our body, if we can get that in order then everything else will follow suit. 

Use this GIF to help you find your rhythm for 36 cycles. Guaranteed, even after 10 you will feel worlds better, so imagine how you'd feel after 36!

Enjoy, and remember life will be okay because it is our decision to make it so.

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