New Perspective


Hey everyone!

Sincere apologies for (Jin)formation being M.I.A. these past few weeks. 

Lately my head has been swirling and it’s made it so I have begun to stand in my own way. I attended a meditation this past Wednesday and we all had an opportunity to share what’s been going on in our lives.

There were 3 major themes that presented themselves in our discussions. 

First being, a common thread of how do you decide which path to take? This was in regards to just about every category imaginable, from where to live, what job to have, should they put their work out there, etc. 


In that meditation, it was the first time in the past few months that it became clear how I have complicated things. 

Why the hell do we torture ourselves with complication?!

For me, this happened because each path and decision that arises feels like there is only one way. And whatever one I choose feels very permanent, even though my rationale mind knows that nothing is ever truly permanent; nature won’t allow it. When that way of thinking takes root, forget about staying in the flow of life! 

Second theme that presented itself was this idea of attachment. Not sure if you can call it an idea of you actually have attachment. 


Any who, attachments can really hinder our ideas, abilities, and reaching our highest potential. They begin to stand in the way of our evolution. Releasing our attachments allows all aspects of life to flow freely, helping us to assimilate to all situations. 


And last, was intention. This one is huge and it is my guide for life. That being said, I have been doing a poor job of understanding or defining my intentions. For me, intentions inform our actions. When we understand our intentions then we can be very clear and direct with our actions. Without that we are sort of aimless. 


Right now we are in the season of Spring. 


Spring is a time of great transformation - looking to nature we see life start to blossom once again. So it makes sense that there is common energy of confusion, shifts and molting perceptions. 


If you find the above resonating with you, here is some self-help you can do to smooth out the transformations and invite in new perceptions. I’m going to prescribe a double dose of this for moi (French for me) to help embrace what is wanting to bloom. 


1. Find a comfortable place to sit, stand or lay down
2. For the Right side, place your LEFT HAND on the RIGHT SHOULDER so that your fingertips touch the top of your shoulder blade. 
3. At the same time place your RIGHT HAND on the RIGHT HIP CREASE. 
4. Hold for 2-5 minutes while creating a nice even rhythm of breath. 
5. Switch the hand position to do the other side. 



Here's where your hand should be placed on the back

Happy holding! 

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