Pause, breathe, connect


"A mind is a terrible thing to waste." 
- Arthur Fletcher


This has been a very busy and exciting week for me! 

I apologize in my tardiness for sending out your healing tips earlier. When juggling many tasks at once, the brain functions can become a little fuzzy. This week's self-help will be short and sweet! That way you don't have to over think anything.

First a short break to send love and thank you's to the amazing hosts below.
Big hug to GIRL PARTY for organizing my Heal Hands workshop. What an amazing feeling to connect with wonderful people and share my knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Keep your eyes open, more workshops in the pipeline for fall!

Closing meditation of hands on self-help

And that's not all, Friday night I was invited to be apart of Sangha Yoga Shala's first health fair! I lead a gentle yoga class and ended with 20 minutes of self-help.

Over the moon grateful for another opportunity to share this healing art with others!

Ok, we're back!

Most of us during the day don't have an opportunity to take a nap to recharge the brain and who wants to partake in a another cup of coffee? We've all been there when you say to yourself, just one more cup. That cup can be the one that stands between you receiving the perfect dose of caffeine alertness or pushing you over the edge into jittery anxiety. (this also applies to any energy drinkers)

If you find your mental functions beginning to move slowly like molasses; here's something simple for you.

It is a safe alternative to the coffee and you don't have to worry about crossing that caffeine thresh hold. This self-help revitalizes all functions of the mind, bringing about mental clarity and peace. 


  1. Find a comfortable place to sit, stand or lay down
  2. Place RIGHT hand on crown of head
  3. Next, place LEFT hand and/or fingertips on center of forehead 
  4. Hold till you balance. Can be used throughout the day.
  5. Remember to create a nice even tempoo of breath :)


Cheers to clear thinking and happy minds. Have a wonderful week :)

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