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"Naming an emotion seems to transform it into an object of scrutiny, thereby disrupting its raw intensity" 
- The Brain Magazine



accept or admit the existence or truth of.

Remember being a little kid and how your imagination ran wild at night thinking about the scary monsters in the closet?


The combination of darkness and the unknown just manifested a fear so paralyzing all you could do was yell out for your parents to come help you. And what a relief when they did! They were able to come to the rescue, soothe your fears and show you there was nothing to be afraid of as they turned on the lights.

This can even happen as an adult, maybe it's not the scary monsters in the closet but the pain or discomfort we experience in our bodies. 

Summer is the season of efforting or trying to hard. The season is so busy, most of us get too caught up trying to fit everything in from: playtime, work, rest, eating, traveling, etc.

Activities start swirling so fast we forget to pause for a moment to truly check in with ourselves. When's the last time you really created a moment of quiet and asked yourself honestly; self how are you feeling? 

Dig a little deeper than the knee jerk response you always give because it only tells the story of the surface layer. Be willing to go there with yourself because that is when the true healing starts to happen.

This week's self-help is about acknowledging the pain and/or discomfort within your body. It plays a crucial role in understanding ourselves, recognizing how our thoughts manifest in physical form. Find a self-help that resonates with you from a previous (Jin)formation newsletter. Create 20 minutes of quiet and begin to explore the sensations that arise while doing the self-help.

Any area of discomfort/pain whether it's physically in the body or emotionally in the mind,  give it a label. As you bring your attention to these areas, is there a specific emotion or word that you feel is tied to it? If so, when you think about that word or emotion how does it affect that area of discomfort?

Through this exercise you begin to lessen the "scary monster". It doesn't become a separate entity, rather something that is apart of you and by acknowledging it, you decide if you want to hang on to it or let it go.

Acknowledging yourself in this way shines a light into the darkness allowing you to see everything within you and around you with more clarity. Once you've completed your 20 minutes or longer, take a moment to write about your experience. Can be a few sentences or a whole page/pages. Just another tip for releasing the experiences we hold tend to hold in our bodies.

Hope each one of you has been enjoying your summer. Its really been one of big transformations. Have a wonderful day and the rest of your week!

P.S. It makes me so happy when you share your experiences, please continue to send in photos of yourself or others around you doing Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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