I've got five on it!

"Our awareness allows us to move out of the root cause of our disharmonies."

As we move through life, we often look for answers outside of ourselves, hoping there will be a golden key to unlocking what it is we are experiencing. When we take a step back, zooming out to a bird's eye view, we realize so many of the answers we are looking for reside within us. It's just having the awareness to recognize it. That is why Jin Shin Jyutsu is so lovely! It provides the tools for us to understand ourselves on a deeper more connected level, moving past the superficial. 

With that said let's see how the fingers can bring even more awareness to our daily lives!

Last week I covered how holding each one of your fingers brings balance and harmony to all aspects of your being. This week I'm adding another layer of information to your beautiful phalanges (anatomical name for fingers or more so finger bones). Oh you know, just casually dropping in some anatomical terms for ya ;)

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, each finger is associated with a different attitude; there are 5 main ones that all other attitudes arise from. An attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling that can become persistent or habitual. In addition to these attitudes, our 12 major organs can also be linked to our fingers. Below is a little road map on the fingers and how you can help their associated attitudes/organs.

How to useBy holding a specific finger you help balance the energy for that area. Use this chart as a guide for any disharmony that arises for you. Pick a finger, any finger! You can't go wrong!

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