Its gettin' hot in here, so take off all your clothes

This week my heart is overflowing with joy! Thank you to all who have been sharing your experience using Jin Shin Jyutsu. I love hearing how it has brought you peace in moments of need.

It's amazing when you start to incorporate this practice into your daily life; you begin to notice subtle shifts within the mind and body. My wish is that you continue to share what you learn with others because everyone deserves to know how to help themselves and feel good.

Read on to see what's in store this week :)

Hot is the understatement of this past week. Raise your hand if you are tired of sweat mysteriously appearing in places you didn't even know had sweat glands. If you could see me now, my hand is raised!

New York, along with other parts of the country are having a major heat wave. This has been the hottest number of days in a row for New York since July 2013. Shout out to all the companies who make AC units, you are greatly appreciated during these times.

Whether or not you have AC, Jin Shin Jyutsu can help. It is like your personal wellness genie, providing a nice compliment if not solution for the situations we encounter. Right meow, that is the heat!

Activate your fingers and start rubbing your belly to grant yourself an infinite number of health wishes. I'll start by granting you your first wish; I'm taking the liberty to guess it's how to find relief from the heat. 

There is more than one way to cool yourself, so I'm offering you two!

First way is to place your hands and/or fingertips right underneath your collarbone. The locations where we place our hands on the body are called Safety Energy Locks (SELs). Each SEL is associated with a number in Jin Shin Jyutsu; this area is #22. Twenty-two represents complete adaptation.Holding SEL 22, helps the body, mind and emotions, adapt to all new situations and environments around us.

In addition to being your personal coolant this summer, hold SEL 22 anytime you find yourself having difficulty adapting to the world around you.

*I do my best to keep things authentic; the sweat is real in the photo below ;)

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