Thanksgiving Helpers

Happy Thanksgiving my Butterballs!

Gobble Gobble,

Vobble Vobble

(that's how vegetarian turkeys say hello)

Are you as excited as I am for today, the one day of the year when we give ourselves permission to marathon eat with no abandon?!

Ok great! Me too, glad we're all on the same page. 

Here are some key items that I feel you should have to execute a successful Thanksgiving.

First one,
Wear pants with a waistband that allows for an imminent expanding waistline
- or - 
a garment that eliminates the need to worry about your growing belly.
My suggestion for the latter option is a Muumuu.

Make a list of 3 things you are grateful for. I love doing this because it brings awareness to all the wonderful things you have in your life no matter how big or small. Try doing this exercise with your Thanksgiving crew. 

Equip yourself with these Jin Shin holds to help you avoid feeling like the stuffed turkey. Can be utilized before, during and/or after. 

1 Flow
This flow helps keep your digestion in check. 

If you happen to find your digestion is choosing its own adventure
AKA, either you are backed up or things are moving like a free-for-all on Black Friday. 

Here's what you can do.

Right side = Slow the flow
Left side = Helps move the traffic jam

How to: These directions are for the RIGHT flow for the left flow simply switch the hands. For each step, hold for at least 10 complete breaths.

1. Start by placing your RIGHT hand on your the right side of your low back. * This hand will stay here through the whole flow.

2. Place your LEFT hand on the inside of your RIGHT knee.

3. Next, place your LEFT hand on the inside of your RIGHT ankle.

4. Last, hold the RIGHT big toe with the LEFT hand

The Belly Rub

In addition to feeling just plain ol' good to rub your belly in this way, it also helps any bloat or digestive discomforts. 

How to:
Place your RIGHT hand at the base of your sternum where your ribs are and gently start to make clockwise circles that spiral inwards towards your belly button. To begin another cycle just bring your hand back to the base of your sternum and start again. 

*Apparently 21 rubs is the magic number.

Holding your Thumb

Last self-help I'll share with you today is to hold your Thumb. 
Your Thumb has a connect to your Stomach and Spleen, by holding it you help your digestion. It will also calm any worry or anxiety which sometimes comes with the territory of family holiday gatherings.

There is no need to squeeze your thumb tightly, just have a nice gentle hold. 

Ok that's it for today. 
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday however you choose to spend it. 

Cobi KonaduComment